Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Roundtable or Forum. What’s the difference?

CEOs at a Roundtable or Forum meeting

At Virginia Council of CEOs, we have two kinds of peer groups for CEOs of small and mid-sized companies.

Every CEO who joins the Council is placed into either a CEO Roundtable or a CEO Forum.

Generally, CEOs of larger, more complex organizations gravitate toward Forums. Here are some other differences.

  • Forums meet every other month for 6 to 8 hours. Roundtables meet monthly for 4 hours.
  • Forums are professionally facilitated. Roundtables are self-led by the members.
  • Dues for Roundtable participants are about half that of Forum members.

In either kind of group, 8 to 10 CEOs meet regularly in a confidential environment to share their challenges and opportunities. They use a structured process to share issues and learn from one another’s experiences. And, every roundtable and forum holds their own annual retreat – a couple of days away to bond and grow.

Of course, all members benefit from our programs like Spring Retreat, Fall Leaders Conference, and other events. And they have access to a network of 275 members and sponsors.

Which group is right for you? It’s a conversation we have as you explore joining the Council. Let’s talk!

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