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Membership Criteria and Application Requirements

To ensure the integrity of the Council’s Vision and Mission is maintained, membership in the Virginia Council of CEOs is by invitation and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

To be considered for membership, an applicant must:

  • Currently hold CEO status or equivalent. (Whatever the title, the applicant should be the top executive with ultimate responsibility for an autonomous company.)
  • Lead a Virginia-based company with gross annual revenues exceeding $1 million and 5 employees (FTE) in most recent fiscal year.
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to growth and the desire to take his or her company to the “next level.”

Cost of Membership (2024)

New members pay a one-time joining fee of $1,200. Then annual dues for Roundtable membership is $3,600 and $6,900 for Forum membership. Dues includes your Roundtable, all learning and connecting events, and our online community. Installment options are available.

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