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Our members’ companies represent a wide variety of industries, more than $1 billion in revenue, and are among the fastest-growing companies in the nation. There are many reasons to join the Virginia Council of CEOs. Here’s what our members (and fans) have to say.

“We’ve doubled our revenue.”

“I’ve always said VA Council and the Retreat is the gift that I give myself. I’m worth it, and I think everyone who works at E&R benefits because I’m getting smarter in this group. We’ve doubled in revenue over the last 15 years and more than doubled the staff. We’re just better at this. I think I’m at the top of my game now. I really do also credit VA Council for that.” (Elissa Mast, Headcoach, E&R Sales, Inc.)

“A sounding board and set of resources”

“If you’re a CEO who’s not a member of the Council today, I strongly encourage you to come and spend some time. I think what you’ll find it is absolutely worth your time and energy to get involved, as well as having a sounding board and a set of resources that are trying to help you make decisions that’s in your best interest and the best interest of your business.” (Ron Carey, CEO, TILT Creative + Production)

“One of the best things I’ve ever done.”

“I was looking for a peer group to help guide me as I tried to guide the firm to places we’d never been before. And I can honestly say it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done.” (Bob Clark, President, Baskervill))

“A good investment.”

“My thought process with joining the Council when I did was, ‘what can I do to improve myself and become better as not just as a business owner but as a person?'” (Corey Divine, President, Candidate Source)

“The support system is amazing.”

“The support system within the Council is amazing. And I can sum it up by saying, if there’s a problem or a challenge that I’m facing, I can pick up the phone and get ahold of somebody immediately.” (Henry Clifford, CEO and Co-founder, Livewire)

“A place to share personal and professional challenges.”

The peer-to-peer roundtable experience gives you a place to share personal and professional challenges with other business owners who understand your pressures. It’s a safe haven. And, “it’s a pretty powerful thing.” (Arlene Lee, CEO, R.E. Lee Companies / Charlottesville member)

“It’s hard as a CEO to share certain details…”

“It’s hard as a CEO to share certain details about what you are going through. You can’t necessarily share it with your team. Your spouse is going to just worry. So it’s nice, the idea that, a group of people who are in the same situation and sense of confidentially. I’m very happy I found the Virginia Council of CEOs.” (Jason Daniel, CEO, Tech Dynamism /Charlottesville member)

“The roundtable experience is so positive.”

“The Roundtable experience is so positive. You get these wonderful minds and brains, (and hearts honestly) helping you figure out how to move things forward that you’ve been struggling with.” (Ryann Lofchie, CEO, Frontier Project, LLC)

Other testimonials

“Do it!”

“If you’re considering getting involved with this group, do it! It’s really an awesome group of people, and the investment they make in terms of adding value for their members is second to none.” (Brian Moran, New York Times best-selling author and VACEOs Retreat guest speaker)

About the VACEOs Retreat

Listen in as Council Membership and Sponsors explain why this event, and the Council, is so worthwhile.

Image of Travis Hamilton

“The Council has been my MBA, with all of the speakers and learning events. My Roundtable has been my sounding board and also provided me a lot of mentorship. I haven’t had a boss since my early 20’s, so this has been crucial for my personal development. It has pushed me to further grow my company and be a better leader.” (Travis Hamilton, CEO, U-FAB Interiors)

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“I strive to be better than the day before. Surrounding myself with like-minded people helps me to be my best — as a leader, wife, mother, and person.” (Jennifer Boyden, CEO, Heart Havens)

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“Having other business owners at your side as advisors, confidants, and friends is a pretty special thing. The support, idea sharing, and motivation I get from my Roundtable is irreplaceable.” (Sonny Gupta, Partner, Daybreak IT Solutions)

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