"I had a terrific experience with my VACEOs Roundtable, and I’ve found the Forum experience to be vitally important to me and my business, as well."

— Jim Fitzgerald, CEO, Taradel

Members Say

There are many reasons to join the Virginia Council of CEOs. Here’s what our members (and fans) have to say.

“If you’re considering getting involved with this group, do it! It’s really an awesome group of people, and the investment they make in terms of adding value for their members is second to none.”

– Brian Moran, New York Times best selling author (The 12 Week Year) and VACEOs Retreat guest speaker.

“It was really valuable for me to find a group of men and women who knew exactly what I was dealing with. The Council is such a great place to find your clan.”

– Ethan Wirt, CEO 89-PAINT and Co-founder, HourWise, VACEOs member.

“As the leader of my company, my employees look to me to solve their problems, provide them information, and give them emotional and business support, but as a leader of the company, who do I look up to? This is something that my Roundtable really solves for me. I’m able to have a group of guys that know where I am, what I’m doing. They know the cash flow issues I face, the human resource issues I face, and the equipment and the customer service challenges. I can look to them for that support, and provide them that support back, and create some great friendships as well.”

– David Bender, President, Weeded Lawn Service, VACEOs Member.

“In this stage of my life, I’ve come to recognize that there are two types of groups in this world: One group takes energy, and the other group gives energy to you. the Virginia Council of CEOs is one of those groups that gives energy.”

– Tom Ficklin, VACEOs Forum Facilitator.

“There’s something about being with a group of people who do what you do. You don’t often find that. It’s very rewarding. When you’re talking about something, you don’t have to explain it in context. They get it. It’s great to have those conversations. I think that being a part of a Forum and a member of the Council has made me more confident in my decision-making.”

– Mike Matthews, President, Hankins & Anderson, VACEOs Forum Member.

“I felt very welcomed by the Council from my first encounter with the group. I value the diversity and openness of the membership. The members are very receptive to exploring new ideas and giving our students an opportunity to share their expertise.”

– Debbie Fisher, Associate Director, MBA Program, Robins School of Business, VACEOs Sponsor.

“This Retreat was incredibly rewarding, just as my first one was! I was able to take away nuggets that will allow me to grow my business. We’ve been happy, we’ve had a 30 percent growth over the past year, and I attribute a lot of that to this conference.”

– Kyle Stephenson, CEO, KRS Holdings, VACEOs Member.

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