Roundtable discussion

"The Council connects people in an exclusive atmosphere that is CEO-only. It’s a place to relax, and know that the person across the table or across the room walks in your shoes."

— Scot McRoberts, VA Council of CEOs, Executive Director


What if you had a network of resources to help you navigate through the complex challenges you face each day as a company leader? Someone to help guide you through your finance questions, board of director concerns, or marketing issues? You do in the Virginia Council of CEOs.

The Council was founded in 2000 by a group of small business CEOs who sought to connect and learn from other CEOs in the area. The goal was to find a forum to comfortably test new ideas, get “unstuck,” and think differently about their business.

The Council has evolved from its initial membership of 25 to more than 200 CEOs today who participate in monthly roundtable discussions, quarterly luncheons, Lunch & Learn meetings, and annual retreats.

The Council is one of a handful of independent, regional organizations of its type in existence. We attribute our success to the purity of our mission and the aspirations of our vision. Members enjoy the benefits of networking, camaraderie, professional development within our unique “safe haven” culture.


The Virginia Council of CEOs connects CEOs for learning and growth.


The Virginia Council of CEOs will be acknowledged by its members as the most valuable business association to which they belong.


We seek members who are comfortable within peer roundtable settings characterized by:

  • Confidentiality
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • A Willingness to Share Experiences


Imagine sitting to your right is the president of one of the largest engineering firms in the region. To your left, is the owner a beloved local retailer. Across from you, a partner for in a fast growing software company. Each committed to your question, issue, or opportunity. You finally realize: you’re not alone. As a new member, you are carefully assigned to a roundtable, and trained in our disciplined meeting process. This is to ensure that every member gets the most out of the monthly meeting.

Here is a brief description of the type of meetings Virginia Council CEO Members enjoy. To learn more, please visit our Membership page.


This is where you can collaborate to grow your business, learn from other CEOs and enjoy the sanctuary of a group of leaders who are there for you.

Our traditional roundtable program consists of a monthly meeting lasting four hours. It follows a structured process that keeps everyone involved and on track. With nine other CEOs around the table, there is always someone who can help you by sharing their experiences. This program is available to any member.

CEO Forum is a different kind of roundtable designed for CEOs who lead companies that are more complex, and broader in scope, generally with 100 employees or more. CEO Forums are professionally facilitated, meet quarterly for a full day, and consist of 8 to 10 non-competing CEOs.


Once a quarter, VACEOs Members and sponsors gather for lunch. We help you connect with your colleagues by seating you with a new group of CEOs every time. Our speakers are handpicked for you and asked to address your concerns.

Past presenters have included: Governors McAuliffe, McDonnell, Kaine, Warner and Wilder; CEOs and entrepreneurs Tonya Mallory, Bill Goodwin, Austin Ligon, Rick Sharp, Shawn Boyer, Joe Scarlett, Jim Brady. Also, business growth experts Verne Harnish, Todd Stottelmeyer, and Sam Horn. Quarterly Luncheons are a regular opportunity to tap into the VACEOs community beyond your Roundtable.


Several times a year we announce a topic and invite Members to come learn from one another. The philosophy of Lunch & Learn is that “the experts are in the room.” Past topics have included: “Metrics that Help You Manage Sales,” “Management,” “Growth Strategies of a Slowing Economy,” “Social Media for SMBs,” and “Cutting Costs.” These sessions are held over a meal and give you the chance to share and learn with a diverse group of leaders.


Our Annual CEO Retreat is the ultimate way to “follow the leaders.” This Members-only gathering brings together 200 central Virginia CEOs for three days of connecting and learning. We bring in thought leaders to educate and inspire. We also build in lots of time for learning from others in small groups. Members appreciate the Retreat as their time to step away from the day-to-day and think differently about their business. Some of the best learning happens over dinner, during a round of golf, or after hours in the bar.  Our Retreats are held at nearby resorts like Kingsmill, the Homestead and Boar’s Head.

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