Why Join VACEOs?

A Thought Experiment

Imagine. You take your seat. To your right is the president of a prominent engineering firm. To your left, the owner of a beloved local retailer. Across from you, a partner in a fast-growing software company. 

You raise an issue your business is facing and several peers relate how they met similar challenges. 

Suddenly you realize—you’re not alone. This is what happens in a VACEOs peer roundtable group. A small selection of top business executives come together to support each other.

Why Join VA Council of CEOs?Why Join VA Council of CEOs?

Not a Networking Group

A VACEOs roundtable isn’t about networking (although you’ll make important connections) and it’s not about getting advice (although you’ll learn and grow). These groups are about sharing stories to help you avoid the mistakes others have made, broaden your perspective and realize new options and opportunities.


  • A sounding board of experienced CEOs
  • Insights on key challenges and opportunities
  • Perspective beyond a single company or industry
  • Network of thought leaders and subject matter experts
  • Reduction in stress and isolation—an escape from feeling “stuck”
  • Accelerated professional and personal growth and success


Find inspiration from subject-matter experts during learning events.

Gain invaluable real-world insight through structured peer roundtable meetings.

Meet peers who can relate and provide support in a confidential environment.

VACEOs Membership Features

Peer Roundtables

Learn from other CEOs and collaborate to grow your business. VACEOs will carefully select for you a small group roundtable of executive peers you can turn to.

Scheduled Events

We feature local and national luminaries in a full calendar of events that combines direct-from-the-experts learning with plenty of members sharing and social time. Whether getting up to speed on social media tactics over lunch or swapping stories with a golf foursome during the VACEOs annual retreat, you’ll gain knowledge and perspective to help your business grow.

Square Tables

A complement to roundtables, a VACEOS Square Table allows any member or sponsor to invite others from the VACEOs community to a small group meeting to further leverage the power of their peers.  

Why Do You Need A Roundtable?

Listen here as one CEO explains why she values her roundtable.

Why you need a peer groupWhy you need a peer group

Imagine The Possibilities

The Virginia Council of CEOs is a place where local leaders share the benefit of their diverse experience in a safe, confidential format. With the backing of their peers, members evolve faster and achieve more together.