Wednesday, January 25, 2023

VACEOs Announces 2023 Board of Directors

VACEOs 2023 Board of Directors

The VACEOs 2023 Board of Directors convened for a board retreat in Williamsburg to connect with each other and work on the future of the Council. Here is your board, and what they had to say about what VACEOs means to them.

Arlene Lee, Lee Construction Group, Inc.

“If you ask better questions, you get better answers.”

Ron Carey, Tilt Creative + Production

“I am a better CEO as a result of my forum group; I feel as though we’ve built a special connection.”

Corey Divine, Candidate Source

“I joined VACEOs to invest in myself and become a more well-rounded CEO. VACEOs has delivered and I have made life long friendships in the process.”

Matt Holland, Super Radiator Coils

“VACEOs is a place where I can access the collective experience of other business leaders to help me and my business grow.”

Jennifer Boyden, Heart Havens

“You can’t grow your business without growing yourself.”

Chris Leone, WebStrategies Inc.

“The future of VACEOs is bright! As a board member, I have visibility to all the ways VACEOs is looking to evolve with the changing business landscape. I couldn’t be more excited for its future.”

B. Scott Crawford, Virginia811

“It’s lonely at the top–unless you are a member of VACEOs, where a whole community emerges and the loneliness fades.”

Kelly O’Keefe, Brand Federation

“VACEOs has helped me become more confident in my leadership and more successful in my work.”

Posted by Aida Pehlic at 3:06 pm
  1. We are in good hands. Thanks for your leadership.

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