Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Our New Roundtable for non-CEOs. Here’s What They Said About It.

Earlier this year, VACEOs ran a successful pilot program, providing a peer roundtable experience for non-CEO key executives. The program plans to expand its reach to more COOs, GMs, VPs, number twos, etc. in its sophomore installment beginning in October 2023. In a roundtable comprised of 8 to 10 fellow executives, members will benefit from a confidential peer roundtable experience led by professional facilitators. Applications and more information can be found here.

When asked about their experience in Key Executive Round Table, members had plenty of insights and learning experiences to share:

“[Key Executive Round Table] is something to definitely give a try. It’s a great place where you’re able to share and talk about challenges in a safe and secure area… having that confidence in your peers to open up and be vulnerable to talk about things that really do impact your business and your personal life day in and day out.”

Todd Johnson, COO of Automatic Leasing Service

Kelly Spraker, VP of Experience & Finance at Midas of Richmond “didn’t expect the group to become as close as they did, and [she] found that to be a positive.” Chief Operating Officer at Commonwealth Catholic Charities Anita Wallen found “[t]he experience sharing was very useful for me because it helped me come to the conclusion that I’m not unique in these challenges that I’m experiencing in my role… It reduced some of that sense of isolation and helped develop a different perspective…”

“If you’re looking for a group to help you to grow outside of your organization, [Key Executive Round Table is] a great option for you.”

Kelly Spraker, Vice President of Experience & Finance, Midas of Richmond

“I have been able to get some takeaways and infuse that into my daily work.”

Anita Wallen, COO of Commonwealth Catholic Charities

“As much as you give to it is what you’ll get out of it.”

Todd Johnson, COO of Automatic Leasing Service
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