Monday, November 23, 2020

In the News: Virginia Business reports “It’s About to Get Less Lonely at the Top”

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“It’s about to get a little less lonely at the top,” writes Sydney Lake, reporter for VA Business Magazine.

“The biggest challenge for those CEOs is the lonely-at-the-top phenomenon, where these folks really find themselves alone with these struggles a lot of the time,” VACEOs Executive Director Scot McRoberts tells Lake, adding: “In smaller businesses you don’t have a lot of executive teams around you. There’s just a lot of pressure on a small business CEO.”

Lake reveals how the Pandemic-necessitated virtual meetings spurred council expansion. Included in the article are quotes from several VACEOs Members, including Arlene Lee, CEO of Charlottesville-based R.E. Lee Company.


“For many CEOs I know, the relationships with other CEOs is what has carried us through the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficult decisions and pivots we have had to make. The relationships grown through the council are deep, connected and meaningful in a way that is often missing in our greater world.” – Arlene Lee, CEO, R.E. Lee Company

Read entire coverage of “Va. Council of CEOs to expand statewide. Pandemic-necessitated virtual meetings spurred council expansion” by VA Business Magazine.

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