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Five Simple Video Content Marketing Tips for SMB Owners

Are you using video content to engage your audiences on social media? As we reported in “Video Marketing on a Small Budget” post, video content is expected to be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the U.S. by 2019.

Glenn Lock, TachLock Video Services

“Understand that one video is not going to change the world,” says and Glenn Lock, VACEOs sponsor and owner of TachLock Video Services. His advice is to create a video library. “I suggest you create more than one video about different aspects of your business. Having content that people can explore is better as it increases your SEO and it’s going to maximize your presence in keyword searches.”

Your library might include demonstrations on how a product is made, a location or facility tour, or an introduction to your employees or customers, for example. Or it could be a chance to highlight your involvement in community or charitable event.

Whichever type of video you choose to shoot, don’t forget to optimize your content for search engine and social media marketing. Here’s are FIVE simple tricks that can elevate the impact of your video content.

Is your business video library full of interesting content? What advice do you have for SMB CEOs?


Five Ways to Use Ensure Your Video is Optimized for Social Media Marketing*

#1: Focus On One Message
Probably the most important tip to remember. Keep your video content simple and concise. Videos that focus on only ONE point or message perform the best.

#2: Take Note of the Sound Quality
Sounds obvious, but bad sound quality is a social media audience turn off. Make sure you’ve chosen a good location to shoot your video to ensure there is as little background noise as possible. Do a sound check before you say, “Action!”

#3: Optimize Search By Adding Keywords, etc.
You’ve made a great video, but before you begin to market it, make sure you’ve added carefully crafted descriptions, keywords, key phrases and/or hashtags so the social media platforms can find it.

#4: Optimize for Autoplay
Some social platforms offer Autoplay so your video is automatically playing as the user passes over it. Bonus tip: Make sure you have movement in the first few frames to grab attention quickly. (Use this feature sparingly, as it can increase data charges for mobile users.)

#5: Add Subtitles
This allows you to reach the hearing-impaired AND users who are unable to turn the volume up or locate their headphones at the moment. Bonus tip: Consider ways to repurpose this written content into an article!



*source: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-ways-to-use-video-for-your-social-media-marketing/

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