Monday, September 14, 2015

What’s On Our Minds…


It’s very likely your customers could be judging your entire brand on one simple interaction.


Said another way…

  • – Your best prospect was treated rudely by your new receptionist.
  • – Your delivery truck was last seen at 2:00 pm outside a seedy bar.
  • – The bathroom in your five-star restaurant doesn’t have toilet paper or towels.


There are hundreds of ways your brand is rightly or wrongly “judged” — either by direct interactions with your employees, or by other random, indirect encounters. How aware are you of those moments?


Do you know how to engage your employees and teach them how to be sincere advocates of your business? The VACEOs members who attended the recent Knowledge Network Luncheon do.


Come join us! ‘Cause if you didn’t get a least ONE solid business nugget at your last meal, you’re dining with the wrong group.




This “What’s On Our Minds” moment from VACEOs Knowledge Network Luncheon, “Understanding and Controlling Your Hidden Brand: The Tug-of-War of the Brand Experience” presented by Glenn Lock,



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