Friday, August 15, 2014

Personal Productivity for the CEO

Bob Piazza knows productivity. He ran HR for a Fortune 200 company and now teaches at the Robins School of Business. He shared his Five Guiding Principles for Personal Productivity at a recent Council workshop.
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You should take a class from Bob, or hire him to consult with you, to really benefit from his experiences.


Here are a few take-aways from Bob and the CEOs who were part of the conversation.

• Daily planning is critical, or else you will be chasing squirrels all day (the Golden Retriever Syndrome).
• Schedule three times a day to process and respond to email. (Turn off email notifications!)
• Schedule a buffer day after vacations and long trips away. Use the time to process email and plan for re-entry.
• When writing a critical email (key person, difficult situation, etc.) always save a draft, step away, and review it later before sending it.
• Utilize a coach to help you focus on your planning rhythm, simplification of processes, and accountability.


And, here’s an article from Inc. Magazine with unconventional ways to be more productive.


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