Monday, June 17, 2013

Yes, I’m an Idiot

(A note from our board chair . . .)

Other CEOs sometimes ask me, “Why do you spend so much time working for free for the Virginia Council of CEOs?”  Other CEO’s just think, “Idiot.”

Here’s why.  Today I got to pre-screen a candidate for membership before the board gets to vote on his application.  At his place of business we talked for an hour and a half about his business, the challenges, the rewards, how CEOs behave, the knowledge we have to share with each other, and so much more.

We talked about the lack of a rule book for CEOs and how often we were making decisions utterly alone. He told me about what makes his business successful, and how he has grown his business.

I came away with several immediately actionable ideas to change my business based on what our candidate said.

If I can do that once a week, what a great way to spend my time.  Call me an idiot.  I don’t mind.

Katrina VanHuss, CEO of Turnkey Promotions
& Chairman of the Board of Virginia Council of CEOs
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