Friday, March 29, 2013

What’s Your Safe Haven?

Most of us have one. It may be a river house, an out of the way coffee shop, or just running. Mine is on the river in a canoe or kayak. Even when I take the kids with me, there is something about being part of the flow that recharges me and gives me clarity.

At the Council, we have a very special culture we call “Safe Haven.” It starts in each CEO’s roundtable or forum, where it is clear that we are there to learn from and help each other in an atmosphere of confidentiality and mutual respect. But Safe Haven extends to the larger Council community – now over 160 CEOs and 30 sponsors – where you may end up at lunch with someone you have never met, but you have the mutual understanding that this is not a sales opportunity, but a chance to start learning from one another.

We are proud of this unique culture that gives CEOs a much-needed safe haven. It allows us to connect in meaningful ways, learn from others’ experiences, and get clarity in a complicated world.

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