Thursday, April 7, 2011

All Smiles at the CEO Retreat

It’s all smiles at the 2011 CEO Retreat at Kingsmill Resort.   Here are some highlights from today.

– It is hard to get to the meetings on time because there are so many cool people to talk to.

– Kingsmill always puts outstanding meals in front of us.

– Jay Goltz had the CEOs buzzing with his ideas about the “new” way to approach business.

– Somehow, we lined up 80 CEOs for this group photo in less than 10 minutes.  No herding cats jokes needed.

– Robins School professor Jeff Pollack awarded coveted VACEOs bat for his work on the CEO Economic Outlook Survey.

– President Obama and family rumored to be arriving soon (don’t think he is here for our meeting).

– Eric Herrenkohl got us working on “How to Hire A-Players” and gives us the two most important interview questions.  1) Tell me a little about what you did in each previous job.  2) Follow up with broad, open-ended questions that get behind the programmed answers.

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