Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CEOs Comment on Job Growth

Several Virginia Council of CEOs members offered comments in a March 5 Richmond Times Dispatch article on the small drop in the unemployment numbers.  David Gallagher, President of Dominion Payroll Services, said that his firm had grown in 2010 and expected to add more employees in the next few months.  Gallagher said that his firm’s clients are hiring more than they are terminating, and that growth is picking up.

Mike Meyer, CEO of NetSearch Direct, reported more talk of hiring among his company’s clients, as well as steady growth at his own company.   In the Virginia Council of CEOs’ and Robins School of Business Ecnomic Outlook Survey from January 2011, more than half of the CEOs surveyed indicated that they would be hiring in the first quarter of 2011.

Commenting on data from Council members showing flat employment in 2010, Council Executive Director Scot McRoberts was quoted:

What I am hearing now in 2011 is that people are starting to hire,” McRoberts said. “There is that pent-up demand. They have grown a bit and now they need to add people.”

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