Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mayhem or Disruption?

You know that “Mayhem” guy on the Allstate commercials? He shows up and unexpected, bad stuff happens. And then the insurance company helps you pay for it, right?

There is a different kind of mayhem that has a positive role in business. I call it disruption. It leads us to the possibility of a positive outcome. And that is where I am headed.

I ran into Patrick Morin back in October at a Panera. I had not seen him in a dozen or more years. As I waited for my appointment to show, Patrick “disrupted” me for about ten minutes. Somehow, in that short encounter, he had me thinking differently about my business and frankly, a little scared. More importantly, I have followed up on those thoughts and have changed my thinking on my work – with positive results.

Well, Patrick and I have had a few more disruptive conversations since then, and I was able to convince him to bring his message to the Virginia Council of CEOs this month. His talk “The Art of Disruption” is a must-see for any business owner who needs to break into new markets, change the company’s culture, get more out of people – or just avoid mayhem.

For more on Patrick’s January 12 talk, see

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