Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marketing in the “New Reality”

The Virginia Council of CEOs will host a CEO-only discussion on August 19.

Along with everything else, the way we market has changed in today’s business climate. Small and mid-sized businesses are finding new ways to reach customers while spending less.

Come prepared to share your experience . . .

  • What’s working?  What is not?
  • Are you showing ROI from social media?  If so, how?
  • What are you doing differently than two years ago?
  • Make a list of specific guerrilla & low cost strategies and/or tactics you have used (successful or not). Bring it to share.

About Knowledge Network

Knowledge Network is an informal gathering of Virginia Council of CEOs members, sponsors and guests for the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience. Lunch is provided.

The big idea is that the experts are in the room. Research shows that entrepreneurs learn best from other entrepreneurs. Come learn from the experts, and be prepared to share your experiences as well.

Get more details and sign up now at

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The Virginia Council of CEOs is a non-profit association that serves SMB CEOs by connecting them so that they can learn from each other.  VACEOs members connect through: highly effective peer roundtables; unique learning events; and socials.

Interested in learning more?  Just follow the leaders.

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