Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a great idea! I’ll be there.

That’s what I heard today from a Virginia Council of CEOs member who got our invitation to our Social Media Workshop on June 25.

A recent luncheon focused on how businesses can use social media tools to grow. There was so much interest from the CEOs at the meeting who wanted the “how to” information for the major tools (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) that we decided to offer a workshop with lots of time for Q&A. VACEOs member Doug Lucy, CEO of Adlinea, will lead this hands-on-your-laptop workshop for VACEOs members and sponsors

In addition to the basic how-to-use-it questions, we will address:

  • Top business-getting features of the major tools
  • Making sure you’ve got a strategy for using them, or it will be wasted time.
  • An example action plan for using the tools
  • Tips on making it work — sticking to it long enough to get results

What a great idea! I’ll be there.

Posted by Scot McRoberts at 8:51 pm

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