Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CEOs who Twitter

About one hundred small business CEOs gathered last week for a panel discussion on “Social Media as a Business Tool.” It seems that we caught the wave on this one. The crowd was engaged, attentive, and left the luncheon with action in mind.

The CEOs attentiveness may have been due to Sean Cantrell’s contribution to the panel — sharing his story of social media producing actual revenue for his business, Marshall Mechanical. See his blog post for more.

Since the May 21 luncheon, our private LinkedIn group has grown from 25% participation to nearly 70%. VACEOs on Twitter has leapt from 12 followers to 80, many of them our CEO members.

It has been fun to watch these CEOs, some Gen X and Ys, and many Boomers, actively engage in social networking once they had some information and motivation.

Thanks to Steve Kimball of Tuscan Advisors @EconomyHeroes, David Saunders of Madison+Main @madmain, and Sean Cantrell of Marshall Mechanical @SeanHVAC for a terrific panel discussion at the Virginia Council of CEOs last week!

Posted by Scot McRoberts at 2:26 pm

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