Monday, May 1, 2023

VA Council of CEOs Presents Leadership Awards to Tom Ficklin, David Ingram, and Tom Cricchi

Tom Cricchi receiving his award with Scot McRoberts, Elissa Mast, Dave Barrett, and Arlene Lee

Ficklin, Ingram, Cricchi honored for leading the growth and mission of the Council. 

Richmond, Virginia: The Virginia Council of CEOs (VACEOs), a non-profit association serving more than 200 small and mid-sized business owners, announced today that three members were awarded the Charles E. McCabe Leadership Award on April 27, 2023 at the Annual VACEOs Spring Retreat held at the Hotel Roanoke.

The Charles E. McCabe Leadership Award, presented by the Virginia Council of CEOs Board of Directors, recognizes VACEOs members who make significant, long-term leadership contributions to the Council. Chuck McCabe, Founding Chairman of the Council, was appropriately named as the first recipient of the award in 2017.

Tom Ficklin was recognized posthumously. Ficklin served on the Council’s board of directors, chaired the board in 2008 and 2009. Tom led us boldly through the Great Recession, a difficult time for many small businesses, including his company White Oak Equipment. For the last decade, Tom facilitated several of our CEO Forum groups – as many as three at once. He shared that he loved facilitating these Forums because he was always learning.

A member of one of Tom’s Forums said, “Tom quietly and persistently asked the best questions. He drew me out with his wisdom and humility.”

David Ingram joined VACEOs in 2006 as he grew his firm, Capital TechSearch. He served in almost every volunteer role in the organization, including Chairman of our Board of Directors in 2015. In those roles and others, he was a proactive and positive force, working with staff and leading other members to deliver stellar Retreats, grow our membership, support Roundtable success, and build our brand.

For the last several years, Dave has served as a facilitator for two of our CEO Forum groups.
A member in one of the Forums that Dave facilitates said:

“Dave makes himself vulnerable, setting the example and building trust in the group. He keeps us on track and drives us toward the heart of any issue. Dave makes us better. We simply get better results because of his leadership.”

Tom Cricchi joined VACEOs in 2007 soon after he became CEO of Sycom Technologies, and was a valuable contributor in the peer groups he was a part of until last year. He served as leader in both of his groups. Tom served the Council as Sponsorship Chairman for most of a decade. His steady leadership, accessibility, and charisma helped us attract and keep the right partners. Tom worked hard — year in, year out — to connect our members and sponsors in mutually beneficial ways.

After a successful business exit last year, Tom became facilitator of one of our CEO Forum groups. When asked about Tom, a fellow CEO said:

“Tom is an exemplary representative of the council. From his time in a roundtable, then to a forum, and then to a facilitator, Tom has shown amazing leadership every step of the way. His commitment to the round table process, his openness and trust, his humor, his insight into issues, and his deep relationships with each and every person he works with makes him a very special person.”

Charles E. McCabe Leadership Award Recipients (Past and Present)

2023: Tom Ficklin, White Oak Equipment (now part of McClung-Logan Equipment Co.; David Ingram, Capital TechSearch; Tom Cricchi, Sycom Technologies (now part of Intervision)

2021: Mike Matthews, President, Froehling & Robertson; Elissa Mast, President, E&R Sales; Connie Hom, CEO of Buckingham Greenery

2019: Arlene Lee, President, Lee Construction Group

2018: David R. Barrett, President and CEO of Barrett Capital Management

2017: Chuck McCabe, CEO of Peoples Tax and The Income Tax School

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