Monday, July 20, 2020

(Video) Grant Gamble of Blue Oceans Addresses VACEOs Members

Red Oceans, Blue Zones, and You! | Grant Ian Gamble | People First, Always™ | Mindful LeadershipRed Oceans, Blue Zones, and You! | Grant Ian Gamble | People First, Always™ | Mindful Leadership

Grant Gamble to present “Red Oceans, Blue Zones and You: Simple strategies for leaders to care for self and others during turbulent times and always” on July 29, 2020, 10:15 AM-11:30 AM.


This event is for VA Council of CEOs Members and Sponsors only.


The business environment is roiling; stress is at an all-time high; and yet some leaders seem to swim those troubled waters with equanimity and ease.

After 35 plus years as a leader and senior executive in the healthcare, fitness, and wellness industries, I have learned one indisputable truth: one size does not fit all when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and self-care.

What works for one person may not work for another.

This is not another exercise more and eat less lecture.

It is a simple set of lifestyle options for leaders that can enhance the quality of your life, your leadership, and positively impact those around you.

I will take you through a series of unique learnings from my personal journey through the wellness and healthcare community and groundbreaking research that has definitively illustrated simple ways to incorporate taking better care of yourself into your daily routine, without adding a bunch of things onto your daily To-Do List.

In turn, the simple changes you incorporate into your self-care will positively influence those people you care about within your family and community.

If you’ve ever struggled to maintain an exercise program or incorporate the latest diet into your life, this is the session for you. No rigorous exercise routines, unrealistic diets, or magic pills. Just simple ways to transition your lifestyle from struggle, frustration, and guilt to seamless integration into your every day.”

Grant Gamble
Speaker, Author, Coach


About Grant Ian Gamble
Grant is a business growth consultant, author and keynote speaker. He works in a broad array of industries helping companies build teams, navigate change and drive growth. Learn more.


“Grant’s towering strength is his ability to walk the line between providing top-notch executive leadership, and rolling up his sleeves and working very hands on with frontline employees. Grant can lead top-down from the C-suite with his intellect, or from the ground up with his work ethic and teamwork. Grant is a natural leader.” – Tom Perrin, PhD CEO & Executive Coach, Perrin & Associates.

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