Monday, April 27, 2020

(Video) Executive Director Addresses Membership During COVID-19 (April 28)

Listen in as Scot McRoberts, Executive Director, VA Council of CEOs, addresses VACEOs Members and Sponsors in this “State of the Union” address. 

Says, Scot McRoberts, Executive Director, VA Council of CEOs: “I’ve never been more proud to say I’m the Executive Director of Virginia Council of CEOs.

We’re serving more small and midsize company CEOs than we have ever in our 20- year history. We’ve invited dozens of CEOs who are in our pipeline to join, to come join our community for free and with no commitment. We’ve rolled out 17 programs in the last six weeks. My staff has been scrambling. That’s about seven [times] what we had planned. We’ve converted our Retreat to our virtual event, and we have more coming.

Our Sponsors have stepped up in ways large and small, mostly giving away what they do to help us make it through this.

What I’m seeing is CEOs who are resilient, creative, and determined to make it through this crisis. We have much more coming in May and June — trying to continue to connect our community so they can help each other make it through this.

We look forward to having you with us on that journey. And so here’s my one word close: Forward.”

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