Friday, January 19, 2018

Introducing Square Table: a New VACEOs Meeting Concept

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VACEOs is announcing a new meeting concept for its members and sponsors. The new event, called a “VACEOs Square Table,” is designed to be similar to the confidential monthly roundtables members currently enjoy, but the intent is to offer participants the opportunity to set up a meeting at any time and discuss specific topics of their choice in a supportive, solicitation free environment.

Scot McRoberts, Executive Director, Virginia Council of CEOs (VACEOs), explains: “One of the biggest reasons why entrepreneurs and CEOs join the Council is to become a member of a peer roundtable. It can be very lonely to be an entrepreneur, and a roundtable is a powerful tool for our members. It’s a safe haven to share things they can’t share with their staff or spouse.”

“We’re very excited to offer a new way for members to connect and learn from each other and our sponsors,” McRoberts continues. “The new Square Table meetups are about offering our membership and sponsors a way to solve challenges or learn something new in a no-sell, experience-sharing encounter. It’s another way to leverage the experiences and expertise of more than 260 members and sponsors.”

The concept was given a soft introduction to a small group of VACEOs early in the year and was immediately well received. At press time, several Square Table events have already been scheduled.


The concept for the Square Table is based on the successful monthly VACEOs roundtable experience, but because the makeup of each event will vary and the meetings can be arranged at any time, for any reason, it’s thought to be “like a roundtable, but with different parameters.” Hence the name “Square Table.”

Square Table is a new experience-sharing program that will allow any member or sponsor to invite others in the VACEOs community to a small meeting to:

  • get help from others
  • gather like-minded peers
  • learn something new
  • run a focus group
  • share a passion

Organizers may choose to follow the VACEOs formal Gestalt meeting protocol or one of their own choosing. VACEOs staff will manage event registration and promotion. Only members and sponsors may attend VACEOs Square Table events.

Want to learn more or organize an event? Visit the VACEOs Square Table resource page today.

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