Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Making Headlines: VACEOs Members in the News

In the News

Our members represent a wide range of industries and experiences, and they are frequently listed within the annual RVA 25 and Inc 5000 “fastest growing” company lists. (Take a look at this year’s nominees.)

Yep. The company we keep is mighty fine. In fact, they are often featured in the news. Read on.


“Ad agency leaves the burbs for Scott’s Addition”

barber martin

“To me, Scott’s Addition is the epitome of a renewed energy and revitalization and new life coming to a historic area, and that’s Barber Martin.” – Robyn Zacharias, CEO, Barber Martin Agency. (Read Richmond BizSense article.)

VACEOs Member: Robyn Zacharias, CEO, Barber Martin Agency
Industry: Advertising
Member since: 2010

“Construction firm undergoes $3M HQ expansion”

ACI (Richmond Bizsense)

“We’re trying to take work from jobsites and pull them into our shop facility to increase productivity and quality, so that when we send it back to the jobsite, it’s a bit further along than if we just built it all out on the jobsite.” – Terrence Kerner, President, Atlantic Constructors Inc. (Read Richmond Bizsense article.)

VACEOs member: Terrence Kerner, President, Atlantic Constructors Inc. (ACI)
Industry: Industrial and commercial contracting
Member since: 2010



Henrico-based RTS Labs specializes in software application development

Joyt Singh RTS Labs

“Our sweet spot is health care, financial and private equity groups.” – Jyot Singh, CEO, RTS Labs. (Read Richmond Times-Dispatch article.)

VACEOs member: Jyot Singh of RTS Labs
Industry: Software development
Member since: 2013



Produce peddlers shack up in Scott’s Addition

Seasonal Roots

“This location is going to make a huge difference for our products….” – Duane Slyder, Founder, Seasonal Roots. (Read Richmond BizSense article.)

VACEOs member: Duane Slyder of Seasonal Roots
Industry: Online farmer’s market delivery service
Member since: 2014



Henrico-based Acorn Sales has worldwide sales of its rubber stamps and embossing seals

Acorn Sales

“We help others brand their business.” – Adam Raidabaugh, CEO, Acorn Sales.(Read Richmond Times-Dispatch article.)

VACEOs member: Adam Raidabaugh of Acorn Sales
Industry:  Manufacturer of stamps and embossing seals
Member since: 2016



Local builders step further into virtual reality

LifeStyle Builders

“The big advantage of that is it allows us to deal with any adjustments they want to make at the planning stage, instead of while the home is under construction, which reduces cost, errors and frustration for the homebuyer.” – Kevin McNultry, CEO,  LifeStyle Home Builders.
(Read Richmond BizSense article.)

VACEOs member: Kevin McNulty of LifeStyle Home Builders
Industry: Building and construction
Member since: 2013



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