Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Moment of Gratitude


The Virginia Council of CEOs is a business organization unlike any other. Simply stated, it’s a fellowship, and each day we take risks, and dare to follow our dreams. Sometimes we struggle with living in the present.

“As business owners, we’re good at identifying and solving problems … it’s a skill set. However, day after day, that skill can also distract us from being present in the moment and acknowledging the blessings that surround us,” expresses one Council member. “By being more intentional about creating moments of gratitude into my daily routine, I’ve seen a major shift in how I process stressful or worrisome times both personally and professionally. And that’s something to be grateful for.”

How often do you interrupt your day for a moment of gratitude?

“I tell myself three things I’m grateful for every morning on my commute,” writes another Council member. “They can be ‘big’ like health/family/marriage or ‘small’ like car seat heaters or commercial free radio. Good energy out brings good energy back!” Note: Shawn Achor talked about how gratitude increases happiness at our 2015 CEO Retreat. See some of Achor’s tips here.

Today, we pause and say THANK YOU, VACEOs members, for making our lives, and the world around us, better.


What are you thankful for? VACEOs members share their thoughts…

Health – this can so often be overlooked. The other day I saw a man with no legs begging for money on the corner. He looked like a veteran. It occurred to me that my ‘problems’ are mostly inconveniences.”

Life and all that it entails; the good, bad, messy and neat we see daily.”

“My very close RT12 and VACEOs friends.”

Family – nothing better than my wife and 3 kids.”

Entrepreneurship and America – I love living in a country where the small business culture is encouraged and revered. I’m doing what I was put on this earth to do and I’m grateful for great relationships through employees, clients and vendor partners.”

Friends and family – positive business environment – trust, generosity, and faith from others”

“Grateful for amazing kids that have been raised to be kind, open, accepting, contributing members of society and a wonderful husband partner to helping me make that happen and sticking with me in the messiness of life.”

“Grateful for the opportunity to provide leadership and support to a team of employees that work hard every day and to give them resources that make their lives more impactful.”

“I am grateful for the wonderful care my mother receives in the Memory Unit at Westminster Canterbury.”

“Good health, great family…most days prosperous business.”

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  1. I am grateful for being able to always stay true to my humble beginning.
    My wonderful wife who still makes me laugh every day .
    Our children who we live our lives through. I can truly say the best is yet to be

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