Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alan Kirshner and Top Markel Executives Address VACEOs

Alan K Markel IMG_2660Put a well-known, highly-respected business mogul in front of a room of 100-plus enterprising CEOs, have a frank discussion about how to build and reinvent an 85-year-old, multibillion-dollar business, and what do you get? The most highly rated VACEOs Quarterly Luncheon ever.


Taking the stage during a panel discussion at the VACEOs September Quarterly Luncheon were three of Markel Corporation’s highest-ranking executives: Michael Heaton, Senior Director of Affiliate Investments, Markel Ventures; Richard R. Whitt III, President and Co-Chief Operating Officer, Markel Corporation; and the undisputed rock star of the company, Alan Kirshner, Chairman and CEO.


Markel defines itself as a holding company for insurance, reinsurance and investment operations around the world. It’s a company rooted in its distinct culture, defined as the “Markel Style” – a company that, after 85 years, still has ambitious goals, Kirshner told the audience. In a playful tone, he added, “We’re having a lot of fun.”


Listed here are a few golden nuggets from this luncheon. But first: When was the last time you learned something that could profoundly impact your business? Come join us. We’d love to have you take part in the conversation.


Markel Executive Secrets


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