Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What Happens in a CEO Roundtable?

Ever wonder what happens in a CEO Roundtable? Sorry. I can’t tell you. It’s confidential. But I can tell you about the process.

Great CEO Roundtables are characterized by discipline and structure. That structure is contained in the meeting agenda, which rarely varies. By adhering to this proven structure, a Roundtable establishes a rhythm that creates opportunities for learning and growth.  Here is a sample Roundtable agenda.


Roundtable Agenda

3:00pm Review and agree upon agenda

Confidentiality Reminder
Assign roles (Timer, Scribe, Process Observer)
3:05pm Updates Prep
3:15pm Updates Share (4 min each)
Build Parking Lot
4:05pm Break
4:10pm Review Presentation Format*
• One Word Open
• Confidentiality Reminder
• Communication Starter (30 sec/person)
• Presenter Purpose (1 min)
• Does Group Understand Purpose/Is It Clear?
• Presenter Presents (15 min max)
• Q&A (30 min max)
• Silence (3 min)
• Experience Sharing (3 min/person)
• Presenter Summary (3 min)
• One Word Close
4:11pm Presentation #1
5:31pm Break
5:35pm Presentation #2
6:40pm Break
6:45pm Housekeeping
• Attendance/Tardiness – Inform group of standings
• Scheduling Issues
• Presenter and Coach confirmation
• What worked and what did not
7:00pm Adjourn


So that’s what happens in a CEO Roundtable.  But really, the only way to really know is to join one!

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