Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ukrop brothers tip #8 — luck

I was fortunate to be included in a gathering of business leaders last week at Luck Stone’s beautiful headquarters in Goochland.  We were there to listen to Jim and Bobby Ukrop share some of what they learned in their remarkable business careers with Ukrop’s Supermarkets (now Martin’s), First Market Bank (now Union First Market Bank), Ukrop’s Dress Express, Ukrop’s Homestyle Foods, and other ventures.

Jim and Bobby are both very humble, yet intensely competitive.  They are also committed to the Richmond community.  We are fortunate to have them.

This may not do their comments justice, but here is a summary of some of the points the Ukrop brothers made.

1. Curiosity fuels innovation:  constantly learn from peers and outside advisors

2. Constantly reinvent the business

3. You have to have a passion to be the best

4. Brand is delivering promises through people

5. Clear Vision, Mission, and Values guide decisions

6. Everyone is in the customer service business

7. Differentiate:   if everyone goes one way, consider the opposite direction

. . . and 8. Luck!

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