Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Biz Gurus Relish VACEOs Forum

Bo Burlingham is a contributing editor for Inc. Magazine, and an author of several books, including the acclaimed Small Giants. Doug Tatum is founder of Tatum Partners and author of the recently released No Man’s Land.
When we called these two business gurus and said, “Hey, what if we brought both of you to our CEO Retreat in April 2008?”, they were doing back flips! Each of these authors said that when they do presentations, they spend a lot of time referencing the other’s work. Their two books positively intertwine. As Doug said on a conference call yesterday, “By having both of us present at the Retreat, it will give VACEOs members a great opportunity to think strategically about their businesses. It all comes down to a choice.” Our sense is that these two business growth experts offer different, compelling stories that can help a CEO make important, strategic choices about what sort of business they want to grow.
The upshot of yesterday’s conference call? Doug is flying out to California in two weeks to spend a day with Bo to work on our Retreat program. There is a tremendous advantage in having the presenters involved in planning the Retreat. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

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