Capture Stuff with Jott

One of the coolest productivity tools I have adopted recently is Jott. Using Jott, you can record a 30 second voice message to yourself or others. Jott transcribes the message and sends it via email or text message to whomever…


CEO Retreat Podcast

Thanks to our talented Retreat Chairman, Keith Warman, we have a terrific podcast containing highlights of an interview with our Retreat presenters, Bo Burlingham and Doug Tatum. Hear directly from them why you can’t miss this Retreat. Bo and Doug…

CEO Retreat Registration

Registration has begun for CEO Retreat 2008, to be held at Kingsmill Resort on April 15-17. For the complete brochure, or just a registration form, go to Register by March 14 and save $100!

Biz Gurus Relish VACEOs Forum

Bo Burlingham is a contributing editor for Inc. Magazine, and an author of several books, including the acclaimed Small Giants. Doug Tatum is founder of Tatum Partners and author of the recently released No Man’s Land. When we called these…

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Call in The Marines!

Looking for great employees? Call in the Marines! At today’s Virginia Council of CEOs Experience Networking lunch focusing on “recruiting and retaining” member John Warren shared he has had great experiences recruiting retiring Marines. You can access this pool of…