Virginia Economic Outlook Index Continues to Rebound; 89% of Small Business CEOs Prefer the Fed to Hold or Reduce Interest Rates; 64% view AI as a Positive Capability

CEOs Again Expect Revenue and Employment to Increase Over Next 6 Months with Capital Spending Remaining Flat UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND ─ Eighty-nine percent of small business CEOs indicate that they prefer that the Fed either reduce interest rates or hold…

Roundtable Program for Key Executives Begins in October 2023

Announcing peer roundtables for key executives, COOs, GMs, number twos

How VACEOs Members Are Leveraging AI Tools Today

Summary of a meeting of small business CEOs sharing their experiences with Generative Artificial Intelligence tools, like ChatGPT and Bard.

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AI-Powered Automation to Transform Finance, HR, and Sales

With every prompt you put into ChatGPT or another of the large-language artificial intelligence models producing so much buzz lately, you’re powering forward the next incredible shift in modern business operations. These shifts began with the personal computer, which boosted…

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Hyper Sales Growth

Bring your team! The Fall Leaders Conference is open to all leaders, not just VACEOs members. Join VACEOs on September 21, 2023, at the University of Richmond to spend the day with Jack Daly – sales growth expert, world renowned…