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"[The Council] has given me confidence and helped develop skills through support and experience sharing."

— Melissa Ball, CEO, Ball Office Products

OGCEO Campaign FAQs

Q: How do I get started?

A: Plan a time to look through directories, your contacts, and places you interact with business people. Maybe do this with a colleague or your Roundtable. Make a list of Great CEOs, then reach out to them. Most will be honored to be considered.

Q: What’s a good way to open a conversation with a CEO?

A: Ask your contact, “Have you ever heard of the Virginia Council of CEOs?” Follow with, “Let me tell you about my experience.” Or, forward our Leader News email to open the conversation.

Q: How can I get my Roundtable/Forum on board?

A: Todd Mawyer, our membership chairman, is happy to come to your meeting and get them fired up! Just ask (804-740-8800.)

Q: What exactly do I need to do?

A: Talk to CEOs you know. If you think they qualify (CEO or entrepreneur, $1M+ revenue and 5 FTEs) and they express interest in learning more, introduce them to us with an email. We will arrange a meeting, and will invite you (you don’t have to attend). Once that meeting happens, you are done!

Q: Just one? Can I introduce more than one CEO to the Council?

A: Of course!  Introduce as many great CEOs as you can. But, the focus of this campaign is quality, not quantity.

Q: Hey! I just introduced a Great CEO in January. Do I get credit?

A: You got it. We are counting all referrals made in 2017 that led to a face-to-face meeting. We love it that our members introduce CEOs to the Council all year long. No need for sandbagging.

Q: So, how does my Roundtable or Forum get $$$ for our group retreat?

A: Just get everyone in your group to refer a Great CEO and we credit your group $1,500. Get half, we pay $500. A member gets credit as soon as Scot or a membership committee member has had a face-to-face meeting with the CEO. It doesn’t have to be one from each member. You can pool your referrals (e.g. 9 people are in your Roundtable. Joe makes three introductions that lead to meetings and Sue makes six, you get $1,500).