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"VACEOs has made me much more accountable, helped in long term thinking, and helped me realize the awsome benefits in being open with trusted confidants." - Mark Creery, President, Data Directions, Inc.

OGCEO: Where to find CEOs & what to say


Everyone knows One Great CEO. Here’s where you might find yours.
@ your club
@ your church
@ your neighborhood
@ your service club
@ your boards
@ your customers
@ your suppliers
@ your competitors
@ your office building/park
@ your gym



Our members use words and phrases like:

  • “Like-minded peers”
  • “I don’t feel alone any longer”
  • “A chance to learn something new and work on my business,” and
  • “Invaluable relationships.”

Here’s how our featured CEOs describe their feelings about membership:

“The Council has provided access to leaders who are like-minded and share the same passion as I do as a leader. We learn from each other and share experiences about our businesses and our personal lives. This gives me an outlet to learn, grow, and build new relationships.” – Brian Leach, President, Unboxed Technology.

“We’ve grown tremendously because of VACEOs. When I look at our organization today and think about all of the great things we’ve done over the last 10 years, the Council had a hand in all of it. We’re very fortunate and grateful for the opportunities to learn and grow.” – Henry Clifford, President, Livewire.

“It is easy for me to get pulled into the weeds as I work with issues that occur in the business. The Council serves as a continuous reminder to me of the importance of stepping back to work on the business. Through this, I know I lead and balance life better.” – Jennifer Boyden, CEO, Heart Havens, Inc.

“For so many reasons it’s [VACEOs] valuable. But, if I just list some of my best friends in business, I realize that I met them through the Council.” – David Gallagher, CEO, Dominion Payroll.

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