Everyone Knows One Great CEO.

Here’s where you might find a qualified member. (And what to say once you meet them.)

Where to Find Them

@ your club
@ your church
@ your neighborhood
@ your service club
@ your boards
@ your customers
@ your suppliers
@ your competitors
@ your office building/park
@ your gym

You’ve Found Them. Now, What to Say?

Our members use words and phrases like:

  • “Like-minded peers”
  • “I don’t feel alone any longer”
  • “A chance to learn something new and work on my business,” and
  • “Invaluable relationships.”

Members Say


“We’ve doubled our revenue.”

“I’ve always said VA Council and the Retreat is the gift that I give myself. I’m worth it, and I think everyone who works at E&R benefits because I’m getting smarter in this group. We’ve doubled in revenue over the last 15 years and more than doubled the staff. We’re just better at this. I think I’m at the top of my game now. I really do also credit VA Council for that.” (Elissa Mast, Headcoach, E&R Sales, Inc.)

Ron Carey, CEO of Tilt Creative + Production, explains why he values his forumRon Carey, CEO of Tilt Creative + Production, explains why he values his forum

“A sounding board and set of resources”

“If you’re a CEO who’s not a member of the Council today, I strongly encourage you to come and spend some time. I think what you’ll find it is absolutely worth your time and energy to get involved, as well as having a sounding board and a set of resources that are trying to help you make decisions that’s in your best interest and the best interest of your business.” (Ron Carey, CEO, TILT Creative + Production)

Testimonials to Share With a CEO You Know

Nothings speaks loader than the opinions of your peers. Here is a link to our testimonial page for you to share!