A Virginia Small Business Survey: How CEOs Are Attracting & Retaining Great Talent in a Transformed Labor Economy

This survey highlights the experiences, perspectives, and insights from 70+ local CEOs on talent and workforce challenges at small and mid-sized businesses across the state AND it offers insights & opportunities on twelve key trends CEOs have taken to adapt and thrive.

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About This Report

The ‘Great Resignation’ has received substantial media, policymaker, and business attention. But how has it affected Virginia’s small business? 

Incorporating quotes from dozens of Virginia CEOs, the report documents the challenges small businesses face in attracting and retaining top talent in this ever-changing climate. And it highlights CEO’s insights on a variety of topics:

  • Retention Challenges
  • Hiring:  Is the talent Gap Widening?
  • How Adaptability Blunts Impacts of Labor Market

Whether you are a business leader having trouble with attracting or retaining top talent, you can benefit from the perspectives in this report. To get your free copy, please fill out the form ABOVE and we will email you the report right away.

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