What’s a Square Table event?

Square Table is a new experience sharing program that allows any member or sponsor to invite others in the VACEOs community to a small meeting to:

  • get help from others
  • gather like-minded peers
  • learn something new
  • run a focus group
  • share a passion
  • or anything, really

That’s it! An ad hoc meeting of CEOs and sponsors who understand our safe haven culture. It’s another way to leverage the power of our peer community.



Step 1) Complete a Request a VACEOs Square Table proposal, including when and where your meeting will take place, if there will be food available, etc.

Step 2) The VACEOs program committee will review your proposal and follow up with you and/or approve your request.

Step 3) We will create a registration page for your VACEOs Square Table event and will promote it at vaceos.org and in our weekly Member News.

Step 4) After the event, we will send a quick evaluation and share your results.

That’s it. You provide the purpose and host the meeting, we promote it and give you feedback, we all gain from the knowledge share experience.


FAQs about Square Table events

Q: Why do you call it a “Square Table” event? 
A: The ad hoc meeting is designed to offer a safe environment as our roundtable discussions do, but because you may have someone new around the table at each ad hoc event, we like to say it’s like a roundtable, but with different parameters! The organizer may choose to follow our formal Gestalt meeting protocols, or he/she may wish to follow a different format.

Q: Who can propose a VACEOs Square Table meeting?

A: Current VACEOs members or sponsors are eligible to call a Square Table meeting.

Q: Who may attend a VACEOs Square Table event?

A: Only current sponsors and members are eligible to attend a Square Table.

Q: Do I have to manage the list of attendees?

A: No! VACEOs will manage the invitation process and we will send you a final list of attendees the day of your event. All you need to do is request a meeting, provide a location and lead the discussion.

Q: Can I invite members myself?

A: Yes, please do. You will be the first one to receive the link to the registration page, and can send it directly to any VACEOs people directly.