Katrina VanHuss and Gail Johnson

“I would say a big part of our success can also be credited to our culture of succeeding executive chairs. Each chairperson has made their own contributions, and collectively all have helped to make the Council what it is today.”

— Chuck McCabe, CEO of Peoples Tax & Business Services and co-founder VACEOs.


From charter to thriving non-profit with 220 members, the Virginia Council of CEOs is an organization built on a solid mission and strong leadership.


  • Mark Creery, Data Directions Inc., Chairman
  • JJ White, Dale Carnegie, Vice Chairman
  • Bob Clark, Baskervill, Treasurer
  • Scot McRoberts, Virginia Council of CEOs, Secretary
  • Neal Lappe, WebStrategies, Inc., Past Chairman
  • Michele Rhudy, Rhudy & Co., Director
  • Connie Hom, Buckingham Greenery, Director
  • Randy Sklar, Sklar Technology Partners, Director


2017:  Neal Lappe, WebStrategies, Inc.

2016:  Mike Mathews, Hankins & Anderson
2015:  David Ingram, Capital TechSearch
2013 – 14: Katrina VanHuss, Turnkey
2012:  Keith Warman, Computer Resource Team
2010  –  11: Ray Lepper, Panamint Group
2008 – 09: Tom Ficklin, White Oak Equipment
2006 – 07: Gail Johnson, Rainbow Station
2004 – 05: David Barrett, Barrett Capital Management
2002 – 03: Patrick William, Williams & Sherrill
2002 – 01: Chuck McCabe, Peoples Tax & Business Services