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Our membership is made up of 200+ CEOs just like you. They’ve felt the pain of losing a star employee, the struggle of getting a handle on finances, the stress of balancing work and life, and the challenge of moving their business forward. Before they joined VACEOs and their CEO peer group, they had no one to turn to. They felt alone. Come learn more about us. Sign up for an informal meet up below.


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The Council is a network of CEO peers ready to help you navigate through the complex challenges you face each day as a company leader – fellow CEOs to help you as you grow, tackle HR challenges, marketing issues, and more. Come out and learn why CEOs value membership and the CEO Peer Group (Roundtable) experience. Fill out the information below and we’ll send you event details.

We serve CEOs of companies with more than $1 million in revenue and 5 or more full-time employees.

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