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"The Council has provided access to leaders who are like minded and share the same passion as I do as a leader. We learn from each other and share experiences about our businesses and our personal lives. This gives me an outlet to learn, grow, and build new relationships."

— Brian Leach, President, Unboxed Technology

One Great CEO 2018


Dear VACEOs Members and Sponsors,

Please help us ensure our community continues to grow by participating in our One Great CEO campaign this year. Gifts go out to those who deliver, but more importantly, your participation means the Council will continue to grow, and become a more diverse and vibrant community full of inspirational CEOs, like David.


WHEN: March 23 to October 19. (We’ve extended our deadline!)

WHAT: An introduction that leads to one meeting with a qualified entrepreneur or CEO ($1M+ revenue and 5 FTEs)

REWARDS: Referring members and sponsors get:

  • Glorious recognition,
  • A special VACEOs gift, and
  • A chance to win one of several YETI coolers.
  • PLUS every Roundtable/Forum that reaches 100% participation receives $1,500 for their group’s annual retreat. Get to 50% and we will throw in $500.

And the winners are…

September 20 (Quarterly Luncheon)
Gifts and YETI coolers will be distributed to those who have participated in this campaign.

October 19 (Campaign ends)

October 25 (OGCEO celebration at Shagbark )
Roundtable participant winners will be honored and one final YETI cooler will be given away during a special happy hour event.

How to Participate. 4 Easy Steps. (And lunch or beer on us.)

  1. Find One Great CEO @ your club, @ your customers, @ your church. Other great places to find OGCEO.
  2. Tell them about us! Need help explaining? Go here.
  3. Contact, call (804) 360-2644, or use the form to officially submit your referral.
  4. We will set up a face-to-face meeting with your OGCEO (you will be invited too – over lunch or a beer). Once the meeting happens, you’re done.

That’s it. Have questions about how all this works? Visit our OGCEO FAQ page or contact us today.


THANK YOU for your support!